Android App – Address Location Finder

I’ve just released an Android app on the market, it is a location utility app called Address Location Finder.

Address Location Finder
Address Location Finder

Basically it allows you to locate an address – then pass that location onto other apps or mapping utility websites.

You can just enter the address to search for, or get it from your contact list or get it from a SMS (if the message contains only the address).

The app then uses the Google geocoding services to find the location for that address. Once it has the location then you can do various things with it:

  • view the location with the simple built-in map, for simple navigation
  • pass the location to other mobile apps, such as StreetView, Google Maps, etc
  • pass the location to some useful mapping utility websites, these include sites that:
  • showing a radius around address location
  • find another location with a particular distance and bearing from the address location

Use address location

This is the free version, and while this first release is a BETA all the basic functionality should work.

If you have a chance to try it, please let me know what you think about it or if you come across any problems with the app.

Available in Android Market

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